II International Conference “Coalbed Methane in Ukraine” (2004)


V.V. Lukinov, V.V. Fichev, A.P. Klets (IGTM NASU, Fuel and Energy Ministry, Department of coal industry, Ukraine).

Principle of estimating reserves of recovering methane from undermining coal rocks.


M. Schloenbach (Drilling Engineering, Germany).

Drilling of long underground degasification wells.


A.G. Shapar (INMPE NAS, Ukraine). Ecological factors of mining methane utilization.


R.S. Yaremchuk (State Technical University of Oil and Gas, Ukraine).

Recommendations for drilling technology for wells for production of CBM in Donbas.


S.K. Baymukhamedov, I.A. Shvets (JSC "Ispat-Karmet", Kazakhstan).

Experience of recovering and utilization of methane in the mines of Yfl OAO "Easpat Carmet".


A. Ya. Radsivill (IGS NAS, Ukraine).

Coal and gas deposits as a subject of investigation of geological and structural conditions of formation of hydrocarbon deposits.


V.V.Kirukov (ai6ITH(Ty), Russia), Kusch (Ukruglegeology, Ukraine).

Theoretical principals of increasing effectiveness of exploration CBM in Donbas by the methods of natural modelling.

E.N.Kozyreva, M.V.Gysarenko (Hyy CO PAH, Russia).

More precise forecast of methane pollution from adjoining rock and satellite seams.


O.N.Malynnykova, G.N.Fate (HTfl named after Skochynsky, Rossia).

Forecasting estimation of kinetics of methane-pollution and penetrability of coal.


A.D. Alexeev, E.V. Ul'yanova, S.N. Smolanov, N.N. Kovriga, J.N. Smolanov (IPMP, NAS, Ukraine).

Determination of phase state of methane in accordance with spectrum of nuclear-magnetic resonance.


A.F. Bulat, IF. Chemeris (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

Trends of energetic-technical processing of CBM.


V.V. Kasyanov, S.G. Khrapkin, K. Djamalova, A.S. Terdovidov, M.V. Lakoba (AFC, Ukraine).

Genetic and geo-industrial zone of methane gases of Donbas.


N.V. Jykalyak (DonGRGP, Ukraine).

Coalbed methane of Donbas.


V.O. Ovcharenko, O.A. Kramarenko, V.V. Lukinov, G.Z. Zadara (East DRGP, Ukraine).

Choosing the most perspective objects for production of CBM of Donbas.


G.Z. Zadara (East DRGP, Ukraine).

The problem of estimation of resources and calculation of reserves of CBM.


V.I. Nikolaev, S.O. Podkopaev, A.A. Vasilets (DonNGT, Ukraine).

Success of underground degasation is substantiated by deformation of genetic return.


K.K. Sofiisky, A.P. Petukh, I.V. Boky (IGTM NAS, Ukraine, Mine named after Zasyad'ko, Ukraine).

Utilization of coalbed methane by means of methane-oxidizing bacteria.


V.I. Uziyuk, S.I. Bik (IGGK NAS and NAK "Naftogas of Ukraine", Ukraine).

Peculiarities of gas generation by means of organic substance in sedimentation and on the different levels of katagenetic transformation.


V.K. Svystun (DGE "Dneprogeophysics", Ukraine).

The role of geophysics in estimation of methane bearing of coal rocks in mine fields of Donbas.


L.S. Galietsky, E.O. Yakovlev, V.P. Cnisar (IGS NAS, Ukraine).

Ecological and geological aspects of methane bearing of coal deposits of Donbas.


O.M. Sukachev (IGS NAS, Ukraine).

Ecological aspect of CBM production in connection with impurity of natural unsaturated carbohydrates.


G.O. Kulchitskaya, D.K. Voznyak (IGRM NAS, Ukraine).

Gas-chromatic method of chemically-bonded methyl groups and capsuled methane in rocks.

A.V. Antsyferov, M.G. Tyrkel (UkrNIMI, Ukraine).

Experience of usage of seismic investigation for forecasting zones dangerous for pollution of methane in mine "Krasnolymanskaya".


V.V. Sobolev (NMA, Ukraine).

Mechanism of methane generation in mineral coal.


V.V. Kasyanov, B.I. Lelik, O.M. Savankov, S.G. Khrapkin (AFC, Ukraine).

Technological peculiarities of grilling wells in gas-methane-coal beds (Donetsky region as an example).


V.K. Svistun ((DGE "Dneprogeophysics", Ukraine).

The role of geophysics in estimating methane bearing of coal rocks in the mining fields of Donbas, monitoring of territory of exploring and utilization of CMM.


A.S. Babko-Maly (SIGC NGP "Ukrgeophysics", Ukraine).

The use of modern geophysical methods in studying the gas bearing of coal beds.


M.S. Chetverik (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

Influence of shifting of geological rocks on water and gas pollution.


O.V. Sukachev (IGS NAS, Ukraine).

Ecological aspect of CBM production in connection with impu­rity of natural unsaturated carbohydrates.


V.B. Demchenko, V.G. Kolesnikov (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

Creation of anthropogenic collectors of methane in zone of shift of rocks.


V.F. Prykhodchenko; Yu.M. Nagorny, S. Yu. Prykhodchenko (IGTM NAS Ukraine).

Possibility of forecasting of perspective fields for CBM production (mine Krasnoarmeyskaya-Western is used as an example).


A.F. Bulat, V.V. Repka, A.P. Klets, S.Yu. Makeev (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

Peculiarities of recovery of methane from gobs in the mine named after Zasyad'ko.


V.V. Romanov, A.S. Babko-Maly (SIGC NGP "Ukrgeophysics", Ukraine).

Estimation of quality of cementing the casing cores during ex­perimental-industrial drilling for methane in Donbas.


V.V. Lukinov, V.A. Goncharenko (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

About mechanism of methane generation, when developing the coal seams.


V.A. Danilenko, B.P. Nagorny, V.V. Kasyanov (AFC, Ukraine).

Intensification of methane production using energy of explosion.


V.I. Myakenky, K.K. Sofiisky, A.P. Petukh (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

Receiving microbe albumen from CBM.


G.A. Shevelov, V.V. Lukinov (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

Gas bearing of rocks in Donbas.


V.L. Myakenky, V.B. Demchenko, AP. Petukh (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

Oxidation of coal mines by microbes.


L.L. Shkuro (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

The use of acoustic logging for estimating potential collectors of gas in wells for coal exploration.


B.B. Lukinov, B.A. Baranov, D.A. Suvorov (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

Theoretical basis for generation and forms of finding methane in coal seams.


V.A. Goncharenko, A.V. Burchak (IGTM NAS, Ukraine), B.B. Kotlyarov (NMetAU, Ukraine).

Development of method of electronic paramagnetic resonance to determine a potential sorption of coal.


V.V. Lukinov, L.I. Pymonenko (IGTM NAS, Ukraine), L.K. Grebenschykova (Ministry of Economy, Ukraine).

Typification of geological conditions of industrial production of methane.


V.V. Fychev (Gosugleprom, Ukraine).

Fractal of methane-bearing coal and coal massifs.


M.L. Pavluk, S.S. Bartoshynskaya, S.I. Byk (IGGCM NAS, Ukraine).

Gas-generation and sorption peculiarities of coal depending upon its content.


V.I. Uziyuk, S.I.Byk, A.V. Il'chyshyn, O.M. Shevchuk (IGGCM NAS and NAK «Naftogaz», Ukraine).

Study of gas-generation of potential of mineral coal in Ukrainian basins.


U.V. Stefanyk, P.M. Yavny, O.O. Yarenuch (IGGCM NAS and NAK «Naftogaz», Ukraine).

Reminders of methane in coal seams of L'vivsky-Volynsky basin (mass-spectrum analysis).


U.V.Stefanyk, V.M.Khramov (IGGCM NAS and NAK «Naftogaz», Ukraine).

Hydro-geological criteria of underground gasification of non-conditioned seams of L'vivsky-Volynsky basin.


M.R. Galmyz, P.M. Yavny (IGGCM NAS and NAK «Naftogaz», Ukraine).

Rocks- collectors of gas (methane) in North-West region of L'vivsky-Volynsky basin.


I.V. Buchinska (IGGCM NAS, Ukraine).

Influence of post-genetic changes of sand coal-contained rocks on their collection features.


I.M. Naumko, I.M. Zinchuk, V.A. Kalujny (IGGCM NAS and NAK «Naftogaz», Ukraine).

Methane - as a component of fluid inclusions in minerals of productive horizons of coal deposits in Ukraine.


V.S. Kulinich (IGGCM NAS, Ukraine), S.V. Kulinich (PO "Artemcoal", Ukraine).

The collection and filtration features of gas-bearing rocks in zones of influence of unloading rock mining.


I.F. Chemeris, V.G. Myachyn, I.A. Bujinsky, Z.I. Loyk (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

Meter of humidity of fined coal.


L.F. Chemeris, Yu. N. Golovko, I. SIobodyarmikova (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

Influence of parameters of fluidized bed and form of pulse of air speed on intensification of process of coal particle burning.


V.N. Poturaev, S.P. Minaev (IGTM NAS, Ukraine), V.V. Lakh (Institute of Mechanics of NAS, Ukraine).

About effectiveness of generation of wave energy in gas-saturated coal massif.


M.S. Chetveryk, V.V. Zberovsky (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

Peculiarities of shift of overhanging massif and degasification in coal-seams mining by shield aggregate.


V.V. Zberovsky (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

Principal statements of active degassing of gas-coal massif on the big depths.


A.N. Zoryn, V.P. Vdovichenko, S.K. Meschamnov (IGTM NAS, Ukraine), G.L. Turchanin (DonUGI, Ukraine).

Technological Scheme of coal and gas recovery from gas-bearing seams by hydro-pulse method.


L.I. Pymonenko, N.V. Shamanskaya (IGTM NAS, Ukraine), N.S. Polyakova (NMA, Ukraine).

Geoiogicai conditions of formation of natural methane trap or, example of mine "Shterovskaya".


A.A. Golubev (Donetsk GRP, Ukraine).

Development of international methods of calculation of gas reserves in coal seams.


V.G. Kolesnikov, A.A. Podorvanov, G.L. Sergiichenko, V.D. Tuiupiy (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

Technology of recovering methane from closing coal mines.


RS. Panov (IGTM NAS, Ukraine).

New devices for control and solving problems of mines ventilation.


A.A. Kojevnikov (NMA, Ukraine), I.I. Martynenko (Goskomgeology, Ukraine), V.F. Syryk, A.K. Sudakov.

Technical devices for pulse wash of heading.


A.A. Kojevnikov (NMA, Ukraine), Yu.A. Bakarjiev (NP «Kirovgeology», Ukraine).

Diamond drilling bits with asymmetric hydraulic system.


A.A.Kojevnikov (NMA, Ukraine), L.I. Martynenko (Goskomgeology, Ukraine), V.F. Siryk (NMA, Ukraine).

Technical devices for drilling directed wells in solid rocks.